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Irit Iffert Reflection - השת קפות
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Irit Iffert Reflection - השת קפות

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Irit Iffert (Sung in Hebrew)

Reflection - השת קפות


1. Walk on water (Lech al HaMayim)

2. In the midst of a storm (Belev Se'ava)

3. Reflection (Hishtakfut)

4. He lives (Hu Chay)

5. An abyss between us (Tehom Benenu)

6. Singing without knowing to whom (Shara lo yoda'at leMi)

7. Almost routine (Kim'at shigra)

8. He has brainwashed me (Hu shataf Li et haMo'ach)

9. Your picture in my mind (Bidmutcha Choza)

10. Loneliness (Bdidut)

11. Words of love (Milot Ahava)

12. Continue on your way (Hamshech beDarkecha)

13. You love me (Ata ohev oti)

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