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Zimrat songbook 2016

Zimrat songbook 2016

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‘Zimrat 2002-2016’ songbooks contain the songs that were presented in the music conferences, including musical notation.

The music conferences, which take place once every two years, provide a platform and an opportunity for Messianic composers and songwriters from all over Israel to present their new songs in public within a suitable framework.
After each music conference, the Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel (MJAI) publishes a songbook containing the songs that were presented in the conference, including

  • lyrics (the original Hebrew text),
  • musical notation,
  • English translation and transliteration.

In addition to that, a live recording of the conference is produced as MP3. By this method, new Messianic songs are made available for distribution to all Messianic congregations in orderly fashion.

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